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When you are tackling a new construction project, whether it is an additional room or a new building, insulation is a must. At Miller's Insulation, we offer Western Fibers'® fire-retardant Wallkote spray applied cellulose insulation for all of your new wall construction needs.

Features of Spray Cellulose Wall Insulation

Spray applied cellulose building insulation, made of 87% recycled wood and paper products, is specially produced for new construction projects. What makes spray cellulose different is the addition of water while spraying and infused with borate compounds acting as a fire retardant. After application, there is no need for a temporary retainer, but it will need about 24 hours to dry before being covered.

Benefits of Spray Cellulose

Unlike some types of insulation, spray applied cellulose is able to fit snugly around wall intrusions like pipes and wiring in order to lessen the number of air pockets that can reduce wall efficiency. With increased wall efficiency, you may receive increased energy savings. This seal also eliminates settling issues found in other types of insulation.

In addition to helping you save money on your monthly utility bills, spray cellulose's high density enables it to act as a noise reducer. Its ability to fill wall cavities and eliminate air pockets helps deaden the amount of sound escaping from one room to another.

Another superior quality to cellulose insulation is its resistance to mold. The proper dose of borates gives the insulation protection against molding by retarding the build-up of moisture. The borates can also resist insect infestation.

Contact Our Cellulose Insulation Professionals

At Miller's Insulation, we have experience working since 1985 with all types of insulation for residential and commercial building projects. We are constantly training and learning new techniques to better serve your insulation needs. Contact Miller's Insulation for professional cellulose insulation installers in Albuquerque, New Mexico.

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