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Although attics, ceilings, crawlspaces, and basements are commonly cited for the loss and gain of heat during the winter and summer months, walls are also responsible for some of this loss/gain in a typical home. Because of the large surface area, walls can be more difficult to insulate, but wall insulation can also save homeowners a great deal of money in utility bills.

Wall insulation can also help to create a more comfortable home by reducing the fluctuation of warmth and coolness. However, proper wall insulation requires professional installation; new and existing walls can both be protected from heat flow with various types of home insulation installed by experienced wall insulation professionals.

Existing Walls

There are times when walls in existing homes need to be reinsulated or further insulated to prevent unwanted heat flow. Before investing in such a project, it is recommended that you examine the type of material used in the construction of your walls (concrete, drywall, plaster, wood) and discuss your options for possible types of home insulation with experienced wall insulation professionals.

Newly Constructed Walls

For homes that are in the construction process, a variety of wall insulation can be used to ensure comfort and reduced heat flow in your new home. The insulation types typically used include: spray foam, PROPINK blown-in fiberglass, cellulose (one of the best for new homes), and batts.

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