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Energy Tips

Miller's Insulation is dedicated to across-the-board efficiency for a cleaner, greener world. There are ample opportunities throughout your home and office space to save energy while saving on utility bills.

  • Seal air leaks
  • Install higher R-value insulation
  • Wrap hot water tank and pipes
  • Install low-flow water fixtures
  • Purchase energy-efficient appliances
  • Switch to energy-saving incandescent lighting
  • Utilize strategic landscaping
  • Implement renewable energy sources, such as solar

The U.S. Department of Energy offers a detailed list of tips to save money and energy throughout your home. To read the Department of Energy's Energy Saver guide, click here.

Energy Rebates & Tax Incentives

In an effort to make efficiency more affordable, Miller's Insulation keeps up on the latest in energy rebate and tax incentive programs. Programs change with some regularity, so please click on the links below in order to find the latest offerings for both residential and commercial customers.

New Mexico Gas Company
PNM Rebates & Discounts
New Mexico Energy, Minerals & Natural Resources Department
Commercial Building Tax Deduction Coalition
Federal Tax Credits (www.ENERGYSTAR.gov)
Tax Credits, Rebates & Savings (Energy.gov)
Energy Efficient Home Tax Credits & Mortgages (RESNET)
Graybar PowerSmart Rebate Advantage Program
Database of State Incentives for Renewables & Efficiency

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