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An example of commercial fireproofing.

Increasing numbers of contractors are seeing the benefits of passive fire protection over active protection — sprinkler systems — when constructing a new building. Spray-applied fireproofing systems are always ready to protect the building's structure and the lives held within.

Life safety plays an important role in the design of commercial buildings in today's modern construction. Sprayed on fireproofing systems provide a cost effective manner to meet the hourly ratings required by local building codes and insurance companies. Fireproofing systems provide up to a four hour rating on structural members helping to prevent steel from collapsing during a fire. Fireproofing is a passive form of protection that is always ready to protect the steel and ultimately lives in the event of a fire. Passive systems are constantly in-place versus active systems, such as sprinklers, that are required to activate before they perform.

Spray-applied fireproofing products are the most common types of fireproofing materials for commercial buildings. Spray-applied fireproofing can either be cementitious fireproofing (typically gypsum based, wet mix formulation) or sprayed fiber fireproofing (mineral wool fiber with a cement based binder, dry mix formulation.) Spray-applied materials come in standard density for concealed applications and medium or high density for exposed applications where the fireproofing is constantly subject to abuse and/or moisture.

Miller's Insulation has been fireproofing commercial buildings in Albuquerque since 1990, we are highly trained in this special application, and offer our extensive expertise. Call us today for more information on this important life safety application system.

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