Icynene Spray Foam
Cellulose Blow-In
Attic Air Seal

Spray Foam Insulation

View of installed spray foam insulation.

Architects push the envelope, Icynene® seals it. Creating more energy efficient structures without compromising your design vision is our goal, and Icynene spray foam can help us do just that.

Buildings are a complex, interconnected set of materials and systems woven intricately together. Any product used in constructing the building must be able to work in a positive and mutually beneficial manner with all the other building components. By accounting for the interactions of the various building components, such as the foundation, walls, roofs, doors, insulation and mechanical systems, along with factors like site, climate and occupant behavior, designers can better plan and develop healthy buildings.

Icynene® minimizes the infiltration of dust, allergens and pollutants thus contributing to a healthier indoor environment for the building occupants. Though certainly not a cure, allergy sufferers will often find much needed relief.

Icynene's portfolio of spray foam products not only act as an effective insulator but an air barrier. By introducing an air barrier in conjunction with proper mechanical ventilation, you have addressed a major source of moisture transport through the building envelope.

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Building A Quieter Building

Icynene is ideal for environments where less is more – less sound that is. Commercial offices, schools and hospitals can benefit from a reduction in airborne sound through Icynene-insulated walls.

As a complete insulation and air barrier, Icynene minimizes air leakage in the building structure, which allows for HVAC equipment rightsizing. This saves dramatically on initial equipment costs and ongoing utility costs which can save up to 50% in energy costs versus traditional insulation options.

According to the EPA, within the United States, the building sector accounts for approximately 48% of annual greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions, with 36% of the direct energy related GHG emissions. It's no wonder why sustainable building products are in high demand. The most cost-effective choices are those made before ground is even broken including insulation solutions. The right insulation can significantly impact the sustainability of homes and buildings.

Icynene delivers high-performance solutions for efficient building envelopes, thermal comfort and a healthy indoor environment – all of which are integral components of green building.

Simply by specifying Icynene in your design plans, you are stating that you are an environmental steward and leader in environmentally sound design.

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