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About Millers

Founded in 1985, Millers is a second generation company which is family- and women-owned. As women owners, we remain committed to helping families and our community. We are an independently operated and continuously growing company where our customers are more than a number on some corporate bottom line; our customers receive individual and specialized attention.

owners of Millers insulation looking at a blueprint

Millers is a full-service insulation company serving central and northern New Mexico. We specialize in existing home applications of insulation and air sealing techniques. We also specialize in new home insulation and commercial projects. No matter what issues you are facing with your home or commercial project, we can help you with a quality solution.

We work with the top manufacturers in our industry and we provide award-winning service. Our experts are fully trained and certified to assist you with your needs. Contact Millers today to discuss your residential and commercial needs. We have been in business since 1985 and are the experts in our field.

Jeannine Miller Barreras, Vice President and Co-owner of Millers Inc.


Vice President

Jeannine Miller Barreras, Vice President and Co-owner of Millers Inc., is a marketing specialist and residential sales manager who works with her team daily to assist them with growing their business relationships with builders and homeowners.

With over twenty-four years in the insulation industry, Jeannine knows how important it is to stay ahead of the trends, codes and technical advances in energy efficient products.  Jeannine is passionate about educating her clients in the true benefits of investing in their home’s insulation and its energy efficiency.  She is compelled to be as creative as possible to share this knowledge with clients, because at the end of the day, the home building envelope is vital to the health, safety and comfort of a home.

Jeannine is well versed in the details of insulation, air sealing and the building envelope.  She has worked to get her company into progressive products and procedures for new construction builds and retrofit projects.  She has created innovative initiatives within her company to address specific issues that homeowners face, growing her business and its reputation.

Jeannine has become certified in several aspects in the insulation field.  She is a Certified Energy Expert with Owens Corning.  She is an original board member of the Certified Energy Expert panel and continues to offer Owens Corning her expertise.  Jeannine is also a Resnet Energy Smart Contractor.  She has passed several stringent tests for Resnet and other governmental programs.  She is certified with Icynene spray foam, passing along best practices and safety for her team and crew members.

Jeannine believes that not only is it important to provide great products and service to customers, but more importantly, being true to your word.  At the end of the day, she wants her clients happy and appreciates the trust they have placed in her company.   She truly believes in the integrity of the construction industry and how growing a business can drive a strong local and national economy.  Jeannine is passionate about helping and giving back to her community.  She has led fundraisers for several local non-profit organizations like Rio Grande Down Syndrome Network, Special Olympics, and Paws and Stripes.

Jeannine holds a bachelor’s degree in Marketing from UNM’s Anderson School of Management.

Desiree Miller, President and co-owner of Millers Inc.



Desiree Miller, President and co-owner of Millers Inc. is a full-service insulation contractor serving the New Mexico market for residential and commercial insulation services.

Desiree oversees all aspects of the business, however, her concentration is primarily on the commercial division of the business.

Desiree believes that insulation is an essential part of a home and commercial building, particularly in the climate of New Mexico.  Desiree stays informed of new products and trends and strives to be on the cutting edge of new techniques in the field.  Millers belongs to several trade associations including, Insulation Contractors Association of America (ICAA) and Insulate America (IA).  With both, ICAA and IA, Desiree meets several times a year with these organizations to learn what is new about the insulation industry and what is happening across the country.  Millers also belongs to several other trade organizations, ABC, AGC, ASA, and HBA.  

Desiree is the second-generation owner of Millers and has learned the ins and outs of the business from her father and mentor, Joe Miller who originally started the business in 1985.  Desiree has been in the construction industry for over 30 years.  Originally working in building materials, and thereafter selling windows and doors for a distribution company, before joining her father in the business in 1996.  As a young girl, Desiree would help her father during the summer months loading the blow machine and prepping the jobsite to insulate.  Once Desiree joined the business full time, she learned every aspect of the business, from working in the field, payroll, accounting, estimating, and finally managing the business.  

Desiree bid and secured the largest contract Millers has ever performed.  Not only estimating a multi-million dollar hotel, and securing the contract which was in Big Sky, Montana.  This project was successful and Millers gained the knowledge and expertise to continue to garner large successful projects.

Desiree is passionate about providing the best possible solution for her customers and helping them, whether it’s a small job or a large commercial project.  Consistency, service, loyalty and competitiveness are the foundation of her business.  Desiree employs 30 individuals and wants to ensure her employees are successful and can provide a successful career for their families for years to come.  

Desiree holds the license of GS01 from the State of New Mexico and Construction Industries Division.  She has also been certified as an Owens Corning CEE, and certified in Hilti Firestop systems.  Desiree was a 2019 Women in Business Honoree in construction from the Albuquerque Journal.

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Residential Sales Team

Matthew Chacon
Matthew Chacon

New Construction

Northern New Mexico
Phone: 505-690-0667

John Jelso
John Jelso

New Construction

Albuquerque and Rio Rancho

Paul Gallegos
Paul Gallegos

Existing Home

Albuquerque, Placitas, Bernalillo, Corrales, Southern New Mexico

Gabriel Byers
Gabriel Byers

Existing Home

Albuquerque, Placitas, Bernalillo, Corrales, Southern New Mexico


Debra Murrell
Debra Murrell

Accounts Manager


Commercial Estimators

Customer Testimonials

“Great job millers on my building in albuquerque. now that it is December and the temps are dropping we are staying nice and warm in our warehouse, I know this was a hard job and I want to thank you for doing such a great job”

“Miller’s went above and beyond our expectations with our new Patio Door. Highly recommended and affordable.”

“Paul came and gave me a quote and was very professional and provided a video of the inspection.
The guys who did the work were friendly and did a good job leaving no mess.”

“House maintains a constant temperature now. The whole process went pretty smooth, the salesperson showed up when expected and explained what they would do and how long it would take. They finished on time and our attic had the agreed upon amount of insulation.”

“We had a minor communication problem about when they needed to be here (my fault as much as
theirs), but they responded well to the error, and got the job done in a timely manner.”

Awards and Certifications

HomeAdvisor Top Rated badge

BBB Accredited Business A+

HomeAdvisor Screened & Approved badge

RESNET - Residential Energy Services Network. Certified Auditors/Raters and Qualified Contractors/Builders

Home Advisor Screened & Approved 3 Years badge

Owens Corning Certified Energy Expert

Proud to Be Your Certified Energy Expert

Millers provides extra peace of mind to our customers through certified expertise. Our designation as an elite Owens Corning® Certified Energy Expert® allows us to install an added layer of assurance into each and every Owens Corning insulation project.

worker blowing in pink owens corning wall insulation

As a Certified Energy Expert® professional, we have successfully met a series of high standards.

  • Dedication to high quality insulation industry standards and practices
  • Carrying all required state and local licenses
  • Being in good standing with the Better Business Bureau
  • Completion of extensive training provided by Owens Corning
  • Certified to offer Owens Corning’s limited lifetime warranty on product and exclusive 10-year limited warranty* on workmanship


Millers is certified by Owens Corning Insulating Systems to provide customers with an outstanding combination of energy expertise and assurance. From products to personnel to performance, Millers and Owens Corning have taken the next step in all-around insulation satisfaction.


The Owens Corning CEE Limited Warranty* is exclusively offered by Owens Corning Certified Experts and provides peace of mind by covering the qualifying product plus installation — with an extended 10-year limited warranty* on workmanship. It’s a smart way to help protect your investment for years to come.


You’ll feel comfortable with a name like Owens Corning. Superior insulation products from an industry leader keep your indoor temperatures consistent all year round.


When a Millers certified expert installs the right insulation products for the right job, you’ll see the savings. In fact, most homes average a 20% reduction** in their heating and cooling bills.


We are trained by Owens Corning Insulating Systems to identify energy loss problems, create just the right insulation strategy for maximized efficiency and expertly install solutions that last.

* See actual warranty for complete details, limitations and requirements. Ten (10) years from date of installation by an Owens Corning® Certified Energy Expert®
** Savings vary. Find out why in the seller’s fact sheet on R-Values. Higher R-Values mean greater insulating power.
Energy Star on Insulation
Owens Corning Insulating Systems, LLC is a manufacturer of durable, high-quality fiberglass products and does not sell or endorse other insulation industry products.
THE PINK PANTHER™ & ©1964–2015 Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer Studios Inc.
All Rights Reserved. The color PINK is a registered trademark of Owens Corning.

Which insulation is the best for the attic?

attic blown in pink insulation

When it comes to your Albuquerque existing home’s attic, the best insulation to add is blown in fiberglass insulation. Fiberglass insulation today is completely different from the insulation of yesteryear. Today’s blown fiberglass is made with over 50% recycled glass, with no chemicals of additives like formaldehyde. Compared to other products like cellulose, in an existing home’s attic, fiberglass won’t settle, migrate or cause a lot of dust in your home. Blown fiberglass insulation is our product of choice for an existing home attic.

For new construction, there are many options and choices; like blown in fiberglass, however, the best of the best is Icynene spray foam insulation.

Which insulation is best for walls?

wall blown in fiberglass insulation

One thing to make note of if attempting to insulate walls in an existing home, this process is very invasive. What we mean by that is, holes must be cut in the drywall, which is very dirty, dusty and gets on everything! However, if you don’t have any insulation in your walls, the best insulation to add is blown fiberglass insulation. It will fill the was cavity fully around outlets and pipes.

For new construction, there are many options and choices, like batt insulation, web sprayed cellulose insulation or blown in fiberglass. However the best of the best is Icynene spray foam insulation.

What is good R value for home insulation?

measurement of insulation in an attic

R value is the way we quantify how much the insulation helps reduce heat flow; the R actually stands for resistance — resistance to heat flow. In Albuquerque, our current building code is R38 for the ceiling of a home. However, that is the bare bones minimum. Actually, the department of energy says for our Albuquerque climate zone we should have at least R49 to R60, this is for both existing homes and new construction homes.

For the walls in new construction, the Albuquerque building code is (19 in a 2×6 frame; R24 in a 2×6 wall construction is the best R-value to attain.

Can insulation get moldy?

blown in wall insulation

As with any product that gets wet, mold can begin to grow. So yes, insulation that has been exposed to moisture can grow mold. This can happen with a roof leak, air conditioner leak, or any water leak throughout the home. However, not all mold issues come from leaks. Controlling moisture can prevent mold growth and make your home more comfortable and less costly to heat and cool. Air movement accounts for more that 98% of all water vapor movement in homes. Air naturally moves from high pressure to lower pressure, generally through holes or cracks in the building envelope. Sealing air holes and adding insulation to help reduce the heat transfer can help solve moisture problems.

Community Involvement

Millers has always been involved with our community. Here are some of our favorite ways to be involved.

Paws and Stripes

We support Paws and Stripes because they work with two this we hold dear: our veterans and our pets! They train rescue dogs to give support to military veterans who are fighting PTSD, MST, and TBI. This saves lives two at a time!

The Paws and Stripes - Thank you Millers for your support

New Mexico Special Olympics

The Special Olympics holds a special place in our hearts. That’s why we support the New Mexico Special Olympics, with both our time and money. We are proud of the work they do to provide the opportunity to develop physical fitness for competitions for children and adults with intellectual disabilities.

Rio Grande Down Syndrome Network

This network is special to the Miller family. We consider it an honor to support them in their work to empower individuals with Down syndrome and their families through education, support. and advocacy. Their work to raise awareness and promote independence in individuals with Down syndrome is changing lives.

Women’s Housing Coalition

The Women’s Housing Coalition serves low-income women with children in Albuquerque in a variety of ways. Starting with affordable housing, training and sustainable employment are also part of helping struggling families succeed. Millers is proud to part with this organization to give single mothers the dignity of shelter and gainful livelihoods.

Joy Junction Inc.

Joy Junction Inc is the largest emergency homeless shelter in New Mexico. They hold an annual Thanksgiving Feast for their residents. 2020 was threatening to cancel this event, but in partnership with the Owens Corning Foundation, we helped ensure it still happened.

presentation of donation from Millers to Joy Junction Inc

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