A lot of people and businesses — like Lowe’s, U.S. News & World Report, and Bob Vila to name a few — offer a lot of free advice on how to winterize your home. Yet very few tell you when or why to winterize. 

What is Winterizing Your Home?

Winterizing your home means preparing it for cold weather, in whatever form that may take for your locale. For folks in Florida, for instance, “winterizing” may mean bringing in the plastic pink flamingo and displaying the plastic snowman. 

Here in New Mexico, winterizing a home means readying your home for brutally cold desert nights but not too much precipitation. That means plenty of warming insulation, caulked windows, and more. 

Why Winterize a Home?

If you live in Albuquerque, your most recent PNM or NM Gas bill can help you understand the value of winterizing your home.

If you want to trim your electric bill, cut down on natural gas consumption, or save a few cords of firewood, winterize your home. Two other good reasons to winterize:

  1. Your family will be more comfortable
  2. Your home will leave a smaller carbon footprint

When to Winterize a Home

You cannot wait until winter to winterize your home. Good working weather is needed for the outdoor chores, whether you do them yourself or hire trained professionals to do them:

  • Clean out gutters
  • Replace energy-inefficient windows
  • Remove and replace old, dried caulk around window and door frames
  • Add or replace weatherstripping around windows and doors
  • Put up storm windows and storm doors

Inside, comfortable working temperatures help with all aspects of winterizing:

  • Seal around electrical outlets using expanding spray foam
  • Hire professionals to add insulation in attics and crawlspaces
  • Reverse ceiling fans’ direction
  • Flush out your hot water heater (to remove build-up and sediment)
  • Add foam insulation to exposed water pipes and around the hot water heater

Winterizing a Vacation Home

What if you are fortunate enough to have a primary residence and a vacation home? Winterize the vacation home when you are occupying it. Avoid making a special trip all the way up to the getaway home just to meet an insulation professional or plumber. Schedule professionals when you are staying in the vacation home, no matter the season. 

For the highest quality installation of money-saving insulation, replacement windows, and energy-efficient doors, turn to Millers for full service. Contact us today to let us help you winterize your Albuquerque home!