How much money do you pay for your energy bills each month? Hundreds of dollars? Maybe more? What if we told you could actually cut down on the energy costs while saving our planet by being energy conscious?

If you’re wondering how to save on energy costs, read on. Discover some energy-efficient solutions to adopt today while bringing down your energy bills.

1. Use LED lights

If you are looking to save some money on your energy bills, change all your bulbs and use the LED versions. These lights are 75% energy efficient compared to your regular incandescent bulbs. They also produce better quality light and less heat.

You could make the LED lights even more efficient by turning them off when not in use. For instance, only use a desk lamp when you are reading, and so forth. This is the art of task lighting.

2. Buy energy efficient appliances

The average home uses a lot of electronic appliances. These appliances serve a purpose and it would be hard to do tasks without them. This doesn’t mean you can’t save on energy.

When you buy your next appliance consider going for the energy efficient option. Most new products will state power rating and how energy efficient the machines are.

3. Program your thermometer to run less

Do you remember the last time you changed your thermostat? If you have this smart gadget in your home, it could be costing you a lot in energy costs if it isn’t programmed.

The U.S. Department of Energy has made it clear: “You can save a whopping 10% of your heating bills each year by turning down the thermostat.” Dropping the temp when you are not around home or sleeping can save a lot.

To save even more, avoid heating rooms you don’t often use. Throwing on a warm sweater or dressing in layers instead of running your heat more is another way to save.

4. Add moisture to the air

Did you know moist air tends to hold heat better, making it feel warmer? Instead of turning your thermostat high, try turning on a humidifier. A humidifier can increase your home’s humidity, keeping you warm and cozy. Adding a house plant collection also adds humidity to the air.

5. Consider energy efficient HVAC system

HVAC systems represent a good part of energy costs. For this reason, choosing an energy efficient model with a lower power rating will help you save money. You don’t have to use it all the time, just turn it up when it’s needed. Ensure you clean the furnace and change filters regularly. Keeping doors open helps airflow. Move furniture away from vents so they are not blocked.

6. Replace old doors

Many simple things around your home can bring down the cost of heating significantly. One such thing is replacing your old door with an energy efficient one. You can get doors with insulation material to reduce heat loss. This is also the case with patio doors. For these consider options with low emissivity glass with triple or double panes.

7. Replace old windows

Your old windows could be costing you when it comes to heating energy. Newer models are designed to ensure your home remains warm when needed. Some come with a plastic lining around the edges to keep more heat in.

8. Fireplaces and dampers

With proper maintenance, a fireplace can save you both money and energy. Ensure the damper is always closed when there’s no fire burning. Check all the seals around the fuel damper. If they aren’t tight, most of the heat could be escaping through the chimney instead of staying in your home.

9. Attic insulation up to code

Insulating your attic could save you a lot of money in energy bills. Have your attic inspected to determine if the level of insulation is up to code.

The R-value is determined by the climate of your region. New Mexico’s home code is R38, although the Department of Energy recommends R60 for our climate zone.

10. Proper air sealing

Are there leaks in your home letting out heat? Are you feeling drafts as you walk by your windows? To fix these, you don’t always need to call a professional. You can do some it yourself. Start by filling in cracks around your door frames using caulk. Installing an adhesive-backed or screw-on door sweep is also a great idea. Use expanding-foam sealant to fill in big gaps around the electrical and plumbing works. Block exterior wall switches and sockets with insulation pads.

To help make your home more energy efficient, consider working with Millers. We have an exceptional team experienced in home improvement matters. From insulating your home to replacing your windows and doors, you can’t go wrong with us.