Does your home have uncomfortable rooms and drafty areas?

Are you paying high energy bills even when you are trying to save energy? One of the most practical ways to give your home efficiency and home comfort a makeover is by installing insulation. Read on to learn why properly installed insulation may be the simple home energy upgrade you’ve been looking for.

What Insulation Does and Does Not Do

When properly installed, insulation dramatically reduces the natural conduction of heat energy from a warmer area to a cooler area. This means that if your attic, walls and floor are well insulated, you’ll keep your living spaces cooler longer in the summer and warmer longer in the winter.

What insulation does not do as well is block air movement, such as through leaks around doors, windows, pipes and vents. So, before installing insulation for your New Mexico home, air seal your home’s envelope with caulk, weatherstripping and spray-in-place foam.

Greater Energy Savings and Home Comfort

There are three great reasons why you should ensure your home is properly insulated:

  • Cost-effective upgrade: Boosting insulation to R-60 is one of the most cost-effective energy upgrades you can do. This is because insulation upgrades generally last the life of the home. An insulation upgrade is a one-time investment that pays dividends for years and decades.
  • Energy savings: Properly installed insulation dramatically slows down heat gain/loss through your home’s envelope. This means you won’t need to run the HVAC system as long to maintain comfort, which saves you energy dollars from day one.
  • Greater comfort: If your home is like most, it can be difficult to maintain even and comfortable temperatures throughout. Insulation can help with this problem and enhance your home comfort experience.

Who Should Insulate Your Home?

When you are shopping for a company to install insulation, only trust certified, licensed and insured contractors to do the job. Avoid door-to-door solicitors and fly-by-night companies that won’t be around to fulfill guarantees and warranties should you need to.

Worse yet, unscrupulous workers can cause damage to your home and leave you holding the bill if they aren’t insured. Check prospective companies with your local Better Business Bureau to ensure they have good relations with their clients.

If you are convinced that insulation for your New Mexico home is a fantastic investment idea for savings and comfort, please contact Millers Inc. for a free consultation!