Every weekend at big-box home improvement stores all over Albuquerque you can find do-it-yourselfers in the insulation aisle.

They load up their carts buying insulation they hope to install themselves. They get home, realize the project is a bit more complicated than they thought, and do a hasty job so it is, at least, done in a weekend. Installation of insulation matters, though, and those DIYers are throwing away money now, and for years to come.

Many Happy Returns

Properly installed insulation in crawl spaces and attics saves money the year it is installed, and keeps on saving every year. It keeps your Albuquerque home cooler in summer and warmer in winter, season after season, all for one initial investment.

That savings and comfort add up, helping to lower your energy bills while also protecting our fragile New Mexico environment. Using fewer resources to keep your home cool and warm means less damage to our air, water and land. Using fewer resources means your central air conditioner and furnace run less frequently, all while keeping your home comfortable.

The key is having insulation properly installed. This is easy to test. A trained professional can use an infrared camera to detect spots in your home that are hotter or cooler than surrounding areas. Those voids are usually where insulation has not been put in correctly. 


The DIYers you see in the big-box stores are buying paper-backed fiberglass insulation. In most cases, they roll it out in their attic and consider the job done. Yet if they are careless in installation, small areas with no insulation will be either heat sinks or cold spots, sapping your HVAC system’s efficiency.

A trained professional will make certain the correct amount of insulating material is correctly applied, even in hard-to-reach areas:

  1. Chimneys
  2. Down by eaves where the roof and joists meet
  3. In voids caused by drop ceilings
  4. Above recessed lighting

For proper installation of your Albuquerque home’s insulation, depend upon the trained professionals of Millers, Inc. Contact us today for an evaluation of your home.

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