Insulating windows and doors securely is a major key to energy efficiency. 

Older homes are less likely to be as efficient as newer homes, but regardless of your home’s age, if you want to lower your energy bills it’s best to have your home inspected by a specialist. Windows and doors are important factors to keeping outside air, moisture and other environmental elements from getting inside your home.

Insulating Your Home with the Right Windows

Cracks or other damage to glass can spread if you don’t fix or replace them. Other signs that it’s usually time to fix or replace your windows are when you notice they become difficult to open, allow drafts to enter or condensation develops on the glass. Additionally, when paint begins to peel or chip off walls, it’s typically a sign of excess moisture in the room. Your choice of windows depends on multiple factors, such as convenience, privacy, aesthetics, and safety.

Insulating Your Home with the Right Doors

Air and water leaks may come from doors as well. For patio doors consider sliding doors since they are becoming increasingly energy efficient and have an attractive appearance. Sliding doors have some major advantages such as they are very secure and take up less space. They come in various styles that provide superior energy efficiency, such as the Wincore 7700 Series, which includes Galvanized reinforced steel sash profiles with a robust multipoint locking system.

Weatherizing vs Replacing

Some people try to cut corners to weatherize their home to save money. But if you lack the proper training and tools, it’s possible your efforts will cost you more money in the long run. Work with Solutions Manager and a professional energy expert to assess your insulation, air sealing, and windows and doors. A trusted home insulation Solutions Manager can assess your windows and doors to let you know if replacements are necessary.

Deciding whether you need new windows or doors will be a major step forward in your goals toward energy efficiency and lower energy costs. Contact a Solutions Manager at Millers to learn more about improving life and comfort in your home. We guarantee high quality for your new windows or doors.