Why is insulation r value important

While insulation isn’t something you think about on a daily basis, it can have an impact on your daily life. The R-value in your home has a direct relation to the insulation in your home and is a big part of its overall energy efficiency and comfort. Think of it this way, the greater the R-value in your insulation, the greater resistance your home has to heat and air leaks. You want a nice high R-value so you lose less energy and enjoy more comfort in your house.

Too Little R-Value

If your home has too little R-value in the insulation you are losing heat and air through the attic. Air is also coming in through there and can have an impact on the way your home feels on a regular basis. If you’ve noticed there’s always a chill in the air even when the heat is running, it may be caused by heat escaping through the attic.

How To Find Your R-Value

If you have questions about your R-value, you can measure it yourself with a ruler. You should have a certain amount of inches, depending on the type of insulation you have. If you aren’t sure what you need, contact a professional or do some research to find out.

What R-Value Should You Have

In Albuquerque, the industry building code is to have R38 or above for the ceiling of a home. This bare-bones minimum is what builders must put in place to complete a home. However, the standards change as years go by and your home may not even have that much. Even if your insulation measures at R38, the DOE recommends R49-60 as a better range for this particular climate zone.

What To Do With A Small R-Value

If you have an R-value of R38 or below, it’s possible to add insulation to your attic to raise the value. Look into what type of insulation you have now and see if you can get a similar type or something that can be added to it to bolster the value. You will have greater comfort in your home all year long with the proper amount of insulation.

If you need help with your insulation, contact Millers for the expert advice you need. We can measure your current insulation and give professional opinions about adding insulation if needed and how to raise your home’s energy efficiency.