Why Fall May Be The Perfect Time for Window and Door Replacement

Replacing your windows and doors is a major investment for your property. Getting higher efficiency units will help keep energy costs lower while also giving your home a facelift. But when is the best time of year to have the replacements done?

Fall may be the most perfect time of year for it in Albuquerque. Here’s why.

Less Chance of Rain

As the summer starts to wane, the rain starts to dry up. The lower chance of rain means there is less chance of the work day being a rain out. This means the job gets done faster, which makes everyone happy.

Temperatures are Cooler

Think of spending a good part of the summer with the heat coming through the empty window and door frames. You will either be hot and miserable or you can go bankrupt by trying to cool the place down. Autumn temperatures are much easier to deal with.

Fewer Insects

Empty window and door frames are wide-open invitations for insects to come on inside. By waiting until fall, you can count on fewer insects and less misery.

Don’t let the fall pass without getting your windows and doors replaced. Then you can enjoy the benefits of energy-efficient windows for many years to come. Millers has been serving our neighbors in and around Albuquerque for over 33 years. Give us a call today.