How to Choose The Right Insulation For Your Home

You want the best for your home and insulating well to keep it as energy efficient as possible plays a crucial part. When you are adding insulation to your home there are different options to consider. Here are some things to consider when looking into insulation for your home.

Know Your Needs

When you start noticing you are spending more on heating and cooling, it’s time to look at why. While it could be your unit is near the end of its life and needs replacing, it is important to check your insulation also. Find out where your home is insulated properly and where it is lacking. Knowing what type of insulation you have and how many inches it is to discover the current R value so you can move forward with adding to your insulation based on the standards set forth by the Department of Energy.

Know Your Standards

The minimal insulation standard for New Mexico is R38-49, depending on where you live. According to the Department of Energy, having an R value up to R60 is ideal for your home and it can give you greater energy savings.

Know Your Insulation Choices

There are three main insulation methods to choose from: fiberglass, cellulose, and spray foam insulation. With improvements to the way insulation is made, all have similar R values and provide different strong points. Wet spray cellulose and spray foam are best used in new home construction while blown-in fiberglass can be added to existing homes with time savings over traditional batts.

Know Your Finances

There are many choices as far as home insulation is concerned. Always look at the durability of the insulation method under consideration and your budget. Upgrading the insulation in your current home may cost less than you think if the insulation already in place can simply be added to. Talk with your professional insulation experts at Millers to talk more about which insulation is best for your home and how it fits with your budget.