Windows: How To Know When To Swap Old For New

Living with gradually deteriorating windows is surprisingly easy. You tend to overlook condensation, chipped paint, or even the occasional draft. Here are some tell-tale signs letting you know to swap out old, tired windows for new replacement windows.


From your home’s exterior, do your windows look old, faded, with rotted moldings and broken muntins? Are screens missing, damaged, or broken?

From inside your home, do those same windows show condensation between panes, or water accumulating on the apron after rolling down the inside glass?

Have you tried cleaning the panes and noticed a cloudy quality to them? Worse, are some panes actually cracked or broken?


Think about what you expect from your windows:

  • Clear, abundant light pouring in
  • Cold or hot air staying out

If your windows are drafty, cloudy, or discolored, they are not performing as you want. A lot of wasted money can escape a poorly insulated window. It is not only the window, either; the area around the window frame can be drafty.

Often, a quality window may have been installed without adequate insulation around the rough opening, leaving a pocket for cold air to enter in winter, and hot air to penetrate in summer.

Consider how easily your windows open and close. If you find yourself giving up trying to open or clean the windows, you need new windows. If you find locks that will not latch, or tilt windows that no longer tilt in for easy cleaning, you need new windows.

Check your energy bills. The slow creep upward of energy costs can often be the fault of faulty windows. Efficient, crisp new windows can save you money.


So you finally have faced the truth: you need new windows. Is one season better for replacement than another?

Much of the work of window replacement can be done from inside a home. To install trim and perform a few other steps, outside access is helpful, but not essential.

Window replacement can be done in any season. Sure, spring and summer in New Mexico is a great time for window replacement. Yet fall and winter, too, can see your home transformed with beautiful, energy-efficient windows.

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