How To Understand Why Your Attic Insulation Looks That Way

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You may spend very little time up in your home’s attic, and part of the reason for your reluctance could be the way your attic insulation looks. Many materials used for insulating attics, especially very old insulation materials, look downright … odd. Here is how to know what you’ve got up there, and what the

The Best Insulation For Your New Construction Home

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You finally have your dream home under construction. Congratulations! But wait — have you made sure to get the best insulation you can, so you will not face years of high energy bills? What are the best methods of insulating a new home?

How To Know Your Attic Insulation Update Is Tax-Deductible

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Making the wise decision to insulate and air seal your attic can help you save money on your home’s heating and cooling costs. However, you might be wondering if adding attic insulation is tax-deductible. The answer to that question is yes and no. While the federal tax credit for adding or upgrading the insulation or

Behind The Scenes Of No Good Moldy Insulation

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As with any product which gets wet, including residential home insulation, mold can grow and spread. This problem can develop from leaks in the roof, air conditioner, or any water leak throughout the home. Not all mold issues come from leaks, though. Controlling moisture can prevent mold growth and make your home more comfortable and

9 Ways to Winterize Your House

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Making a few changes to winterize your house can definitely be beneficial to your bank balance in the colder months. Not only will you save money on your utility bill, but your house will also feel much healthier and cozier when the mercury drops.  Here is how to winterize your house in one weekend with

How To Choose The Best Insulation For Your Existing Home

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Most articles on insulation focus only on attics. Since most homeowners cannot easily insulate their home’s walls themselves as a weekend project, the walls seldom get a mention. When you leave the insulation in the hands of trained professionals, though, you get the complete instructions.

How To Make Your Home Energy Efficient With Insulation

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The heating and air conditioning system in your home is among the biggest sources of energy use. Insulation helps keep your home feeling comfortable throughout the year while also reducing your energy usage overall. Having the right amount of insulation in your home is key in achieving this goal. Find out more about how your