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Commercial Insulation

Whether you are building an office building, school, hospital, strip center or metal building, you are going to need professional commercial insulation. At Millers, we provide a wide array of

Fiberglass insulation with white vinyl installed for a finished look.

services for your insulation needs. We offer complimentary Design/Build consulting to ensure the correct product and application is best for your project. We offer value engineering to keep your project on budget and on time.

Thermal Insulation

Products we offer include fiberglass insulation, open or closed cell Spray Foam, Rockwool, Cellulose, Cotton batts and Rigid insulation. Thermal insulation is installed at exterior walls and ceilings as a thermal barrier for your building. Having a thermal barrier in place is an effective way to save money by cutting back on energy costs and preventing structural damages caused by heat exchange. Insulation installed at interior walls can be highly beneficial as a sound control barrier by minimizing sound transmission between rooms.

Batt Insulation

Fiberglass insulation with FSK (foil skrim kraft) installed.

Fiberglass, Cotton or Rockwool insulation for commercial buildings is used as a thermal barrier and is an effective way to increase the overall energy efficiency of the building and save money on energy costs. Batt insulation is installed between metal studs in the exterior walls and ceiling as an energy saving, thermal barrier and can be installed on interior walls to act as a sound barrier between rooms. Millers offers a wide range of LEED qualified and GreenGuard Certified insulation products that range from R-11 to R-38 on a scale for insulation effectiveness.

Rigid Insulation

Rigid Insulation

Rigid Insulation is commonly used on concrete or block walls. Millers is fully trained on various expanded/extruded polystyrene or polyisocyanurate board insulation choices. We are certain to have the rigid insulation to fit your project location, structure and R-value needs.


Spray Foam Insulation

Millers understands the importance of dependability and energy-efficiency for commercial building projects. We strive to provide only the best products and services for your architectural vision. Icynene spray foam insulation products are highly dependable and designed to perform consistently for year-round energy efficiency and comfort. Millers has partnered with Icynene in order to offer you the best in closed-cell and open-cell spray foam insulation.

When choosing Icynene spray foam insulation through Millers you can be confident on delivering a code-compliant finished architectural product on schedule and on budget. Icynene spray foam products have been tested and evaluated by various industry associations including the CHPS, ICC-ES and ABAA so you know you’re investing in a quality product. In addition, the professionals at Millers have been highly trained in spray foam application and bring many years of experience with them to the job site.

Closed-cell Spray Foam

Closed-cell spray foam insulation is a rigid spray that can be used to replace the necessity of rigid XPS foam boards in exterior or interior application. Spray foam has the advantage over rigid boards in that it can be easily applied into crevices or around penetrations on exterior or interior walls. The greater versatility of application leads to a stronger seal and better energy-efficiency throughout the building.
In addition to creating a more energy-efficient environment in comparison to rigid board insulation, closed-cell spray foam can reject bulk water, making it an excellent proactive method to defend against flooding.

Open-cell Spray Foam

Icynene Open Cell Spray Foam

Open-cell spray insulation has advantages that continuously out perform those offered by more traditional insulation types. This spray foam, as opposed to closed-cell spray foam, is a spongy material that has proven to hold excellent thermal insulating and air sealing properties. Used on interior walls, open-cell spray foam insulation acts as an efficient sound barrier to minimize sound transmission between interior rooms.

The insulation experts at Millers are happy to answer any questions you have or concerns as to the benefits of spray foam insulation. We want to help you not only understand the various uses and properties about spray-foam, but also to choose the best material for your commercial project.  Contact Millers today with any questions or concerns and be confident in your choice to go with the industry experts at Millers.


Spray Applied Fireproofing to Deck and Joists

Increasing numbers of contractors are seeing the benefits of passive fire protection over active protection — sprinkler systems — when constructing a new building. Spray-applied fireproofing systems are always ready to protect the building’s structure and the lives held within.
Safety holds a crucial part in today’s commercial construction codes and it makes sense. You want your buildings to not only have a greater chance of retaining its foundations in event of a fire but it is also important to protect the lives of the people within the building. Spray applied fireproofing systems are a cost effective and proactive way to meet building codes and insurance requirements. The fireproofing systems offered by Millers provide up to a four hour structural rating to prevent steel from collapsing in event of a fire. Passive fire protection such as spray applied systems are necessary for new building constructions as an effective way to protect the safety of those inside.
Millers has been fireproofing commercial buildings in Albuquerque since 1990, we are highly trained in this special application, and offer our extensive expertise. Call us today for more information on this important life safety application system.


During the unfortunate event of a fire, one of the main goals is to prevent the fire from spreading throughout the entirety of a building’s structure. Fire-stopping is a passive method of fire protection that relies on the compartmentalization of different building components.

We install top of wall, bottom of wall, edge of slab and penetration firestopping, using Hilti products.

Call Millers today to answer your fire stopping questions on your commercial projects. 505-544-5083

Expansion Joints & Sealants

In a building’s construction or other concrete and stucco work, expansion joints permit heat-induced expansion and contraction movement between adjacent parts as well as absorb vibration without rupture or other damage. At Millers, we use high-quality sealants like Sikaflex® to allow for this movement but keep the structure watertight in cross-sections.

Sikaflex expansion joint products are designed to accommodate both thermal and multi-directional seismic movement; all installed by our qualified crew of craftsmen.

The material adds to the building’s long-term structural integrity, efficiency, weather resistance, safety, and appearance on all types of construction.

Call our experienced commercial estimators today to answer your questions about expansion joints and sealants. 505-544-5083

Waterproofing installed at exterior columns


Waterproofing systems provide a cost-effective answer to properly waterproof vertical walls or for use as between-the-slab waterproofing on plaza decks, parking decks, and structural slabs. Waterproofing provides cost-effective, flexible, versatile, dependable, positive waterproofing protection against damaging moisture migration and the infiltration of free water.

Call our experienced commercial estimators today to answer your questions about waterproofing.

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