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Door & Window Frames

Millers offers a variety of customizable framing and color options for your new glass patio doors and windows so that we can not only guarantee a high quality and secure structure, but also a seamless, beautiful addition to your home.

Wood Frames

Wooden door and window frames add a traditional and timeless look to any home. Wood gives a natural warmth to the appearance of a home and complements many architectural forms so you are almost guaranteed not to go wrong. In addition, wood can be treated to protect and display the natural wood grain or painted a solid color to achieve almost endless styling possibilities.

Natural or treated wood holds excellent insulating properties but will require a significant amount of maintenance over time to preserve the appearance. Frequent sealing, staining, painting, sanding and touch-ups are necessary when it comes to preserving your wooden window and door frames

Fiberglass Frames

Fiberglass is a relatively new material option for window and door framing. It’s advantages include a traditional wood profile without the added maintenance that goes into keeping wood framing in solid condition, It is extremely strong and durable so it can hold any glass type without risk. Fiberglass framing is a low maintenance, energy efficient, and long lasting solution to traditional wooden frames.

Vinyl Frames

Vinyl is a durable and energy efficient framing option that requires little to no maintenance over time. Our vinyl door and window frames are made from a PVC formula that is unique to our manufacturer. This formula is specifically designed to be high in durability, lasting quality and strength. Generally this material will be available from other manufacturers in only white or tan options but Millers offers PVC vinyl framing in a dark option as well.

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