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Patio Doors

Your home’s patio doors are often the only thing standing between you and the unpredictable world outside. You need to be able to trust your doors to keep your family secure while simultaneously creating a welcoming, comfortable feeling into your home.

We aim to provide our clients with superb customer service as we walk you through the entire process from choosing the right materials and styles to wrap-up of installation. We guarantee the highest quality products by maintaining positive relationships with the leading manufacturers in the industry so that your beautiful new doors will last you for years to come.

We currently offer the following residential doors:

  • Standard Sliding
  • French Sliding
  • French In-Swing
  • French Out-Swing

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Millers company has experience assisting Albuquerque resident’s home construction projects since 1985. We have the skills, training, and knowledge to handle any door installation. Contact Millers for all of your residential door installation requirements.

Standard Sliding

Standard sliding patio doors are a popular style choice for —city—- homeowners. Like all glass patio doors, Standard sliding glass patio doors increase the natural light flow into the home as well as add to the character and value of the house. Sliding doors operate by gliding along horizontal tracks at the top and bottom. A secure and practical choice for busy households, in addition to the compact space saving design, these doors can be installed to open by left or right handed operation.

Millers offers superior quality sliding glass doors in four frame material choices with multiple color options to best suit your home’s aesthetic.

French Sliding

French Sliding patio doors boast the traditional elegance of a French swinging door design with the space saving benefits that come with a sliding frame. Add character to your home and boost your curb appeal while increasing the flow of natural sunlight into your home with the unique French sliding door design from Millers.

Millers strives to always provide you with the best possible experience and products to last you many years to come. We continually work to maintain positive relationships with our manufacturers so that we can continue to offer you the best quality products on the market. Our French sliding glass patio doors can be customized for your specific needs and tastes with four different frame materials, dozens of color choices and various glass options. Our professionals will stand by you throughout the entire process from choosing materials to the last steps of the installation process.

View our frame material options for our French sliding patio doors by clicking below.

French In-Swing

French in-swing doors provide your patio entertainment space with an elegant, classic and timeless look. The inward swing of the doors leaves you with ample room to the outside for you to create the perfect outdoor space for your family and guests to enjoy.

Create a custom design for your French inswing patio doors with Millers to fit with your unique style and complement the look of your home. Add to the overall aesthetic of your home with one of our four high quality frame materials, multiple color choices and various glass options.

French Out-Swing

Achieve an elegant and timeless look with Out-Swing classic French Doors from Millers. Outswing French patio doors offer the traditional look and feel of classic French doors while allowing ample space inside your home due to the outward swing of the doors to place furniture. Increase the flow of natural light into your home and add to the overall appeal.

Millers offers Out-Swing French doors in a variety of framing options, styles and colors to seamlessly mesh with the unique feel and style of your home. For more information on out-swing French door styles contact Millers today.

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