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Upgrading your home’s insulation is one of the most effective ways to reduce energy costs and increase your home’s comfort year-round. However, the upfront costs can sometimes be a barrier. That’s where federal tax credits, state rebates, and financing options come in handy for New Mexico homeowners.

At Millers Insulation, our experienced team of insulation professionals can guide you through the process of taking advantage of these incentives to make your insulation project more affordable.

Tax Credits

Tax Credits for New Mexico Residents

Tax Credits

The federal and state governments offer tax credits to encourage homeowners to make energy-efficient improvements, including insulation upgrades. 

Energy Rebates

Energy Rebates for New Mexico Residents

Energy Rebates

In addition to tax credits, New Mexico residents may be eligible for rebates. These programs are designed to encourage the use of renewable energy sources.


Financing Plans for New Mexico Residents


If the upfront cost of an insulation project is a concern, Millers offers financing options to help. Our reputable lenders to provide affordable financing plans.

Founded in 1985, Millers is a second-generation, family- and women-owned insulation company serving central and northern New Mexico.

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