For Los Lunas, NM residents, Millers Insulation offers the Southwest’s best residential and commercial insulation services. As a locally owned and operated insulation company, we have been dedicated to providing superior products and craftsmanship since 1985.

We specialize exclusively in insulation installation. It is all we do. Accordingly, we take pride in offering guidance that ensures your satisfaction. We adhere closely to the principle of educating homeowners and businesses so that they can make informed decisions.

Unsurpassed Residential Insulation Installation In Los Lunas, NM

Instaling Spray in Insulation

If your home feels stuffy in the summer and drafty in the winter, you probably have an insulation problem. In other words, your home has insufficient insulation. Many houses lack adequate insulation levels. Others possess old or poorly performing (i.e., energy-inefficient) insulation. 

At Millers Insulation, we work with homeowners to determine if their current insulation situation meets their needs. Poorly insulated older homes often have inadequate insulation. We eradicate this issue. You’ll receive insulation with the recommended R-value.

Nothing feels worse than a persistent draft when you want to stay cozy. Turning up the thermostat can only accomplish so much. Your home needs air sealing to preserve comfortable living spaces and reduce high energy costs. Millers Insulation addresses these matters.

Historically, older homes (30+ years) did not have stringent insulation requirements. Incredibly, some houses have shockingly low levels of attic and wall insulation. We can conduct a quick and easy test to determine how much and what type of insulation you need most.

Radiant barriers are installed in a home’s rafters. They help keep the house cool on hot days. Many newer homes have radiant barriers. Most older homes do not. Radiant barriers prevent sunlight from penetrating your home and improve your attic insulation’s performance. 

Providing Expert Professional Commercial Insulation Services

If you own a business or manage a commercial property, consider Millers Insulation your one-stop shop for commercial insulation projects. No matter the size of your building, we have the best insulation products to address your needs. We make the process easy while maintaining the professionalism you expect from a service provider.

Whether manufactured from cotton, fiberglass, or rock wool, batt insulation acts as a thermal barrier against temperature inefficiencies. Your business will see a measurable reduction in energy consumption after adding batt insulation between exterior walls and ceilings

Concrete or block walls may be sturdy. However, they can also be cold and energy inefficient. At Millers Insulation, we install rigid insulation adjacent to concrete and block walls to fulfill your needs. We have all the tools and equipment to ensure a clean, professional installation.

Fiberglass. Spray foam. Cellulose. Rockwool. We install it all. Thermal insulation delivers a thermal layer to protect against outside elements. Keep the cold air outside. Maintain a stable temperature and humidity level inside. Add thermal insulation to your commercial property.

Garage insulation project

The New Home Insulation Specialists In Los Lunas, NM

If you’re in the preliminary or design phase of constructing your dream home, contact Millers Insulation immediately. We’ll take care of leading you through the insulation selection process. Get it right the first time so you don’t have to undo or redo your insulation in a few years. We provide long-term insulation solutions so that you can enjoy worry-free home ownership.

Energy & Insulation Assessments For Los Lunas, NM Residents

Schedule a meeting with Millers Insulation today to learn more about the benefits of our insulation services. We’ll answer all your questions. We will also provide a free estimate with the exact cost for specific services. No shell games here! We give you competitive, reliable pricing.

Delivering Energy Rebates & Tax Credits To Los Lunas, NM

Local, state, and federal governments want homeowners and businesses to add more insulation to become increasingly energy efficient (and reduce heating and cooling consumption). Rebate and tax programs abound to incentivize homeowners and businesses to upgrade insulation. Los Lunas, NM, residents should take advantage of these outstanding opportunities.

Accessing State & Local Energy Rebates

The New Mexico Energy Efficiency Program offers rebates to assist residents in adding insulation to attics, crawlspaces, and walls. These rebates are available to both owner-occupied and rental property homeowners. Other local rebate programs exist as well.

Claiming State & Federal Tax Credits

New Mexico’s Sustainable Building Tax Credit (SBTC) Program and the Federal Inflation Reduction Act (IRA) provide incredible state and federal tax credit opportunities. Homeowners can qualify for substantial tax credits to reduce their state and tax liability.

Affordable Financing Options For Los Lunas, NM Homeowners

At Millers Insulation, we care passionately about providing affordable insulation solutions. However, we don’t want the price to deter you from proceeding with a crucial insulation project. For this reason, we partner with reputable financing institutions (including GreenSky and Service Financing Company, LLC) to offer fantastic lending options for qualified homeowners.

The Commercial Insulation Installers You Can Trust

Millers Insulation can handle your insulation needs no matter what type of commercial building you own or operate. We work with all kinds of customers, including office complexes, government buildings, schools, hospitals, shopping centers, and industrial warehouses.

Whether your building requires open or closed-cell spray foam insulation, Millers Insulation has you covered. We’ll identify what commercial-grade insulation works best for your situation.

Millers Insulation knows sealants. We utilize only the top sealant brands to ensure your building is watertight and leak-resistant. Let us work with you to provide maximum energy efficiency.

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