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Door & Window Textures and Finishes

At Millers, our goal is your complete satisfaction so we continually seek out the best products and manufacturers for our customers. Today, Millers is proud to offer our clients high quality window and door products form Wincore manufacturers. Every Wincore product provides the highest levels of energy efficiency, providing you with the best possible home comforts.

Wincore windows and doors come in a wide variety of designer paint colors and textures as well as ten beautiful stain finishes. Our fiberglass frames are available in three textures. Textures allow for a unique and customized look that can perfectly complement the character of your home. Consult the experts at Millers to determine the best texture and color match for your home.


Designer Paint Colors

Designer paint colors come with a standard 7 (for smooth applications) or 10 (for textured applications) year warranty. Color options include:

Same paint color on the interior and exterior
Different paint colors for the interior and exterior
Or, paint on one side and stain on the other (textured applications only)


Wincore Stain Finishes

Millers offers 10 stain finishes to amplify the grain textures of your window or door frames. Give your doors and windows a natural, classic look with the superior durability that fiberglass offers.


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